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The House of Radionic

Radionique is the science of the waves of forms and the action at distance!

The principle is governed by the mastery of the energy vibratoire condensation emitted(uttered) by a beneficial drawing (a shape, an object).

This energy aims at spreading(diffusing) towards something (or on somebody), modifying so its magnetic field.

This action can be targeted to act specifically in very precise domains as the health, the luck(chance), the love, the money(silver) … On the basis of this principle R. Dajafée created different devices radioniques such as Radionix, the Broadcasting stations of pocket, the boards of " Radionique Active " and the professional broadcasting stations of very big quality.

The Broadcasting stations Radioniques of pocket of R. Dajafée was conceived with the aim of answering a need of conviviality and efficiency, by giving to the radionicien and to the user running(roaming) tools radioniques reliable and powerful useful by all.

The broadcasting stations of pocket are easily transportable, they are stuck on magnetic tape with the aim of a maximum brilliance. One can concern them one, in a pocket, in a wallet near identity cards or use them for the action at distance with as witness, a composed photo above.

All the broadcasting stations were tested and realized according to precise symbolic parameters in the forms, the colours and their words witnesses who make them active.

Broadcasting stations Radioniques de R. Dajafée is not magic tools in the primary sense(direction) of the term, they have no specific power, but it is their qualities vibratoires who by modifying bénéfiquement the magnetic field of the user, act on his subconscious to provoke in him the changes of attitude which will lead(drive) to the hoped result.

They are catalysts, tools of positivation beneficial, of luck(chance) and cure and it(he) belongs to each to use them in the understanding and in the restrictif measure of what they are.

In this catalog you will find also products and different works, books(pounds), musics, selected objects of dowsing, produced and published(edited) by R. Dajafée and its team. In a century when the market of the esotericism takes an unprecedented dimension, our productions want to distance themselves from miracle-workers and those that sell of the dream and the wind.

All our products are tested and tried(felt) by all our team and our close relations. Their conception which ensues from a know-how, from a big practice of the radionique and the real passion guarantees the quality of all the products, books(pounds), and present objects in this catalog.

We sell and distribute that in what we believe! Our wish: make known the radionique in the biggest number to allow to all to benefit from the extraordinary applications and to participate so humbly in the human prosperity.

Books(pounds), musics and the other products of this catalog were selected on the basis of the same ambition.


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