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 € 182.00
The SUPER BANKER is a radionic transmitter exceptional.

It is intended to make it possible to increase the richness and the material wellbeing and allows effectively, to release itself from the financial constraints and difficulties by the increase in profits of all kinds *.

The SUPER BANKER is 19 times more powerful than the standard model of the Banker.

If you want to stabilize and protect your inheritance and financial base, the SUPER BANKER is the transmitter that it is necessary for you to acquire absolutely.

We exclusively deliver it with two models, "prestige with the A4 format - to pose on your premise", and a model complementary to the "format pocket"

The SUPER BANKER acts in all the fields of the money, inheritance, purse, companies, plays, liberal professions, heritage etc...

To attract and preserve the money. It is an extraordinary transmitter.

Two models - pocket and prestige 182 €

* With all the reserves related on the life, the profession and the starting situation of the subject which uses it.
Instructions One poses the great model on the desk of work or in the place of life (living room or room with lying).

The transmitter, little to be posed on a rest, or with the assistance of a small fastener to the wall preferably towards the magnetic north which is in connection with material prosperity.

To charge your transmitter, posed the palm of your right hand on the central drawing of the Super Banker and to pronounce this sentence aloud: "Platinum, Abondance that prosperity and fortune are always with me, by the grace and the perfect ways and for this reason I connect my spirit to this Super Banker so that its beneficial vibrations accompany me always and everywhere or that I go and no matter what I fasse.
Que that is achieved by the grace and without disadvantage. Amen... "

Made in the same way with the model of pocket as you will always keep on you, in the pocket of your shirt, or trousers, or in your bag not far from your identity papers.

A council: Made you a cheque has your name, (which you will never box) with the amount (realistic) which you would need.

Folded the cheque and put at the back of the Super Banker of pocket, in his plastic small pocket.

Once that you will have the feeling to have acquired, in a manner like another, in one or several times, by different ways, the sum registered on your cheque, to start again the operation and that without any limitation.
The times depend on the required sum, that can be long, are patient and trustful, with the permanent listening of your intuition and note all the small signs which will bring unforeseen financial profits to you.

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