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Do you know Radionics

The House of Radionic

Radionic is the science of the waves of shapes and of the action from a distance!
It functions through the mastering of the energetic and vibratory irradiations that are emitted by a drawing that has a positive effect – it could be a form or an object. This energy has the scope to irradiate itself towards something or somebody, aiming at modifying its magnetic field. This action can be specifically directed to act on particular areas as health, good fortune, love and/or money.

On the basis of this principle, R. Dajafée has created different radionic instruments such as the Radionix, the “pocket irradiators”, the “Active Radionic” boards, as well as professional Transmitters of very high quality.

R. Dajafée’s pocket radionic irradiators have been created in order to respond to the need of the conviviality and efficacy, allowing the radionic user as well as any possible user to have powerful and efficient radionic instruments, which can actually be used by everyone.

The pocket irradiators can be carried easily, they are fixed on a magnetic base in order to allow the maximum irradiation. They can be worn, carried in a pocket, worn in a wallet close to the identity card, or one can also use them for the “action at a distance”, where the pocket irradiator is placed underneath somebody’s picture.

All the irradiators have been tested and created according to symbolic parameters with very precise forms, colors and terminologies, which contribute in making them so efficient.

R. Dajafée’s radionic irradiators, are not magic items in the primary sense of the term: they do not have a specific power, but it is their vibratory qualities which positively modify the magnetic field of the user, by acting on his subconscious, causing changes in his behavior, which will take him towards the hoped result. These are catalysators, instruments of helpful positivism, of good luck, of healing, and it is up to the user to understand and assess the limits of these instruments.

In this catalog you will also find different products, books, music, selected objects of ‘radiesthesy’, as well as products that have been published by R. Dajafée and his team.

In a century where the esoteric market takes an unequalled dimension, our products want to differentiate themselves from the miracle makers and from those who sell dreams and fairy tales…all our products are tested and used by our team and our close friends. Their design – which derives from a ‘savoir faire’, from a very good practical knowledge of the radionics and from a real passion – warrants the quality of all the products, books, and items which are present in the catalog. We sell and distribute only what we believe in!

With Radionics, modify your fate and the one of your loved ones! Protect your environment from all the nuisances, negative waves and live a better life.
Radionics allows you to be in a good health and helps in providing a serious support for the healing from illnesses.

Radionics is a simple, natural, accessible method, which acts on all areas (money, health, love, protection etc.)

Our wish is to be able to make radionics known to the largest possible number of individuals so that everyone will be able to beneficiate from its extraordinary applications and in this way humbly participating to the well being of individuals. The books, music and other products of this catalog have been selected aiming at this very purpose.


 € 230.00

Radionic Transmitter personalized

Radionic Transmitter personalized with your name and date of birth.

It east creates... More
 € 54.00

The Sacred Talisman

The Sacred Talisman
The original of this Sacred Talisman has been consecrated and buried in... More

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